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Slippers in the hotel room are the items in the hotel amenities list, this is not only to meet the needs of customers but also have great impact on the image, the level of customer service in the hotel.

Wearing shoes for long days makes feet feel “tired”, uncomfortable. Therefore, when returning to the hotel room, guests will immediately remove the shoes and use the slippers in the room. This is also one of the criteria to choose the slippers in the room for the hotel. A perfect hotel bedroom must meet the following criteria: lightweight design, smooth materials that gives the customer the most comfort.

When choosing a hotel slippers, we need to choose the type of sandals with freesize design, simple color, gentle that any object can use and do not cause customers to feel restrained, unconfortable. . In addition, attention should be paid to the style of the slippers to ensure that the user can easily move, even when they appear to be wider than the foot.
Star Solutions is considered one of the few units capable of providing the perfect hotel amenities with quality products and classy designs, including slippers in hotel rooms.

The standard material of the slippers is Star Solutions, which is the most popular cotton and cotton yarn. The advantages of these two materials are: high durability, easy cleaning for reuse, cost savings. Moreover, these materials are high appreciated in softness, comfort and high absorbency.
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