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TB 01 Hotel cotton swab

TB 01 hotel Cotton swab has white milk and soft hair. Toothpick body made of high quality plastic, easy to use and always ensures hygiene for users.

  • Color: White
  • Size: 5cm long
  • Material: 100% cotton
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The minimum product need to order500


Star solutions hotel swabs are packed, boxed carefully and cleanly. Package cap and box lid must be closed to ensure moisture. When opening the box, the cotton swab have white milk color, very soft. The two heads of cotton are tightly tied to the body of the toothpick, the head of the cotton is not open, thus ensuring safety and not hurting the ears of the users.

TB 01 Hotel cotton swab

The body of the cotton swab is made of good plastic, has high elasticity, has friction that makes it convenient and comfortable to use. For coastal hotels, tourists will need to use more cotton swabs because they often want to bathe in the sea, therefore the water may get into their ears.

TB 01 Hotel cotton swab
TB 01 Hotel cotton swab

To ensure the health of tourists’ ears, hotel owners should choose Star Solutions products, because we use Nano Silver technology to kill 100%bacteria. Cotton heads are produced from 100% pure, natural cotton, absolutely not leaving cotton dust in the ears. In addition, cotton swab products should have a modern packaging process with UV sterilizing system in vacuum environment, help prevent bacteria and keep hygiene, absolutely safe for health.

In addition to small cotton swabs, add more makeup remover, nail files, and small but extremely important items to female customers


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