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TGC 53 Hotel Shampoo and shower gel

TGC 53 Hotel Shampoo and shower gel are transparent as crystal bottles, exuding elegance and nobility, elevating the level for the hotel.

  • Color: According to order requirements
  • Capacity: 40ml
  • KT: 8cm high, 2.5cm diameter
  • Plastic material
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The minimum product need to order500


Clear as crystal bottles, TGC 53 exudes its elegance and nobility, surely this shower gel shampoo will become a range of products for your hotel class.

TGC 53 Hotel shower gel and shampoo

Many tourists complained that they do not want to use hotel amenities. Therefore, with the current trend, if you do not choose eye-catching items for hotels, you have almost failed to make sympathy for tourists.

TGC 53 Hotel shower gel and shampoo
TGC 53 Hotel shower gel and shampoo

That’s why Star Solutions’ design team is always looking for ways to keep up date of amenities design trends, as well as other hotel equipment to bring to local customers the best.

TGC 53 Hotel shower gel and shampoo
TGC 53 Hotel shower gel and shampoo

TGC 53 is an evidence, when this premium hotel shampoo and shower gel set up next to each other , visitors may have the feeling that want to hold them up and watch and use immediately. Because they are beautiful, attractive and very convenient.

Dầu gội sữa tắm khách sạn dùng một lần TGC 53

Set TGC 53 hotel shower gel and shampoo have screw cap, bottle made of high quality plastic, surface texting, printed logo beautifully. Especially, if the hotel set them up in a tray, placed next to the crystal stones, or the fresh flower branches … then the impression left in the visitors will be unexpectedly impressed.


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