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Hotel Toothbrush BC 06

BC 06 have many delicate edges along the sides of the brush. Floating points on the front and back just helps make the product look more impressive.

  • Color: Optional
  • Length: 190mm
  • Bristles tips: soft, thin
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The minimum product need to order500


BC 06 is the most beautiful and impressive a disposable toothbrush. The product have eye-catching looks.

The thing that we are going to see when we look at BC 06 is a lot of delicate edges run along the sides of the brush, along with the floating points on the front and back that help the product look more impressive, aesthetically, at the same time, increased firmness with better friction.

With a modern, luxurious design, the ideal size for length and width is 19 cm x 1.4 cm, suitable for medium sized adults, helping users grasp and easier to use. In particular, the whole body of the brush is designed in the form of sand clock curved to bring sophistication as well as eye-catching for users.

With premium plastic, this BC 06 can change color depending on the choice of the hotel. At the same time, the material is water resistant and warm, which can prevent bacteria from sticking to the surface of a toothbrush.

The BC 06 brush has a soft, thin, high-bristle brush that allows guests to quickly clean the oral cavity, remove plaque and bacteria in the teeth, while protecting the enamel. High quality bristles technology, ensuring the safety and security of users, absolutely no loss or break when using.

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