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BC 22 hotel toothbrush

The BC 22 toothbrush body is slightly rounded and tapered towards the brush head. Small brush head can clean deep inside the oral cavity, boosting the maximum cleaning.

  • Color: Optional
  • Length: 185mm
  • Bristles head: Slim, soft
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The minimum product need to order500


When traveling, visitors often forget about personal toothbrushes at home, so visitors want the hotel where they stay will have toothbrushes have the quality as at home. Therefore, quality toothbrush or other amenities must be available in the hotel. Regarding this, visitors as well as hotel investors can completely assured when using products of Star Solutions.

Take the BC 22 toothbrush as an example – a quality product that can not be missed in hotel amenities. BC 22 has the advantage that many common brush types are not available. Let’s see what are the advantages that are so many hotels so choose!

The first is the material: high-grade plastic is selected as the main material to make these extremely beautiful BC 22 toothbrush. The plastic material, the resistance against dust, mold is relatively high.

Simultaneously with the plastic material, the brushes are relatively young, modern, easy to mix colors to match the dominant tone of the hotel.

The overall design of these BC 22 hotel brushes is quite beautiful. The size fits the palm. The BC 22 body is slightly rounded and tapered toward the front of the product, which makes it comfortable to hold. Brush head size less than 2cm will fit the mouth cavity, helping to clean deep inside. The brush body is decorated with colorful paintings to create the highlight for the toothbrush.

BC 22 bristles is made from high quality nylon. Modern technology, manufactured on advanced automation lines, so these brushes are of relatively good in size and quality. Especially the softness is just right to ensure cleaning bacteria, plaque on the teeth and can both protect the enamel and gums.

This is a quality product and a wise choice for hotels that want to get quality hotel toothbrushes with beautiful designs and reasonable cost. If so, go to Star Solutions so you can get your own quality products.


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