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Hotel ToothBrush BC 24

The BC 24 is rounded, tapering toward the head and moderately curved. The surface of the brush body has a pretty floral pattern.

  • Color: Various colors
  • Length: 188mm
  • Advanced plastic materials
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The hotel’s toothbrush is one of the indispensable details in a suite of amenities. Although they are so important, however, not every owner is aware of it, so today Star Solutions wants to introduce you to a quality toothbrush model called BC. 24.

Disposable items in the hotel – this toothbrush BC 24 is designed very lively, user friendly, especially the family with young children accompany. The body is round and large, sloping toward the head and moderately curved in the handle.

The surface of the brush body has pretty decorative fruit-pattern that can be filled or selected according to the pattern required. The head of the product is less than 2cm so both adults and children can use it.

The brushes are made of high quality nylon fibers, resistant to moisture, mold, dirt. With this material, plastic bristles are relatively soft and fragile so it is possible to remove plaque, bacteria in the oral.

Modern technology helps the Bristles surface more moderately. This gives users shiny teeth and  protect the teeth. When combined with Star’s hotel toothpaste will definitely return a breath of freshness to the user. BC 24 a very popular products which is popular with small and medium chain hotels.

The BC 24 toothbrush with the most prominent features of a brush: its body is made from high quality plastic that can be colored to match the hotel’s main colors, the size and weight also match with the hand. The bristles is made of soft plastic with advanced technology, giving users the feeling like using a personal brush at home.


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