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Hotel ToothBrush BC 28

The BC 28 has anti-slip edges designed on the two front surfaces of the center, giving the user a true feel when handled.

  • Color: Various
  • Length: 186mm
  • Material: Advanced plastic
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The minimum product need to order500


A little different on the toothbrush product in this BC 28 hotel is the carefully designed anti-slip edge on the front of the center, not only aesthetic but also help the user to feel strong when holding.

Bàn chải đánh răng khách sạn BC 28

The size of the brush is also remarkable, with a width of approximately 19 cm, approximately 1.5 cm wide, which makes the brush size very suitable when holding. The length of the brush is no more than 2cm, reach the dental standard.

Bàn chải đánh răng khách sạn BC 28

The relatively modest plastic is also the one that will help user to handle a disposable BC 28 toothbrush. The connection between the head and the body of the brush is slightly curved by the jaw, which allows the interaction with the surface of the teeth to maximize.

The brush is designed to be relatively soft and suitable for the teeth of young children. Simultaneously with the advanced technology, the hairs are attached to the brush head, giving a firm feel. The tip of the bristles is grouped, helping to clean deepen the teeth, brush the plaque, get rid of bacteria on the surface of the tongue.

Bàn chải đánh răng khách sạn BC 28

Overview of the BC 28 toothbrush is really suitable interm of  quality, price for the hotel from 3.4 stars.

Coming to Star Solutions, an investor will work with a leading hotel equipment supplier in Vietnam. With experience, quality in each product and caring attitude, dedicated staff with customers will certainly bring great things for all customers, even the most difficult customer.


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