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BC 32 Hotel Toothbrush

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BC 32 toothbrush with a modern design, sturdy, medium thickness, the toothbrush body is suitable for Asian.

  • Color: Optional
  • Brush tips: thin, pointed
  • Length: 175mm
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The minimum product need to order500


BC 32’s toothbrush is a great tool to care for and protect your teeth.

Especially for hotel rooms, BC 32 toothbrush is an indispensable item. But not all hotels can bring to travelers. Star understands that and still providing quality brushes at affordable prices.

Bàn chải đánh răng dùng một lần khách sạn BC 32

Including the BC 32 toothbrushes that are very popular in the 3 stars hotel or higher. With a modern design, extremely hard, and suitable weight for Asian hand holding. Both adults and children can use it.

The relatively soft brush helps clean plaque on the teeth, especially not harmful to children’s enamel. A good product in the mid-range segment with hotels.

Coming to Star Solutions, investors will be consulted with the most enthusiastic attitude about hotel equipment restaurant that you are interested. Quality products, professional services, thoughtful after-sales service, will surely become the most reliable partner for your hotel.

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