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BC 42 Hotel toothbrush

BC 42 Hotel’s toothbrush is compact and soft with gentle style. Brush tip is small, can be inserted deep into the mouth.

  • Color: White with colored plastic strip, can change the color
  • Length: 186mm
  • Bristles: fine, soft, pointed tip
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The minimum product need to order500


BC 42 is a toothbrush model for high-end 3 stars hotel or higher with many advantages of design, color as well as quality.

Bàn chải đánh răng khách sạn BC 42

BC 40 has rounded body, small slim, it’s easy to hold, make strong sense when using. The neck brush is lightly curled, hugging the jaw when brushing, helping to brush quickly. The brush body have eye-catching plastic dots.

Cổ bàn chải hơi cong, ôm sát hàm khi chải

The BC 42’s bristles are well cared. Super thin bristles are attached to the brush base. The thread is alternate to help clean the teeth, remove plaque.

Bàn chải đánh răng khách sạn BC 42

BC 42’s ultra-soft bristles tips also help to brush the gums and tongue, without the need for a separate brush.

Bàn chải đánh răng BC 42 có lông chải siêu mảnh

Product Details:

Product’s nameBC 42 hotel toothbrush
ColorWhite, colored plastic strip; the color can change





MaterialsHigh grade plastic


FeatureColored plastic strip; have  the holding edges

Moisture resistance, limited cracking, anti-stain


BristlesMaterialAdvanced Nilon
FeatureSoft, elastic, thin bristles, alternate arrangement

Modern technology for anti-breaking, spreading  


Storage time3 years


Bàn chải đánh răng khách sạn BC 42

Currently, Star Solutions is offering BC 42 with two basic colors: red and blue. However, with huge orders, we can change the color to suit the customer’s wishes.


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