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BC 61 Hotel toothbrush

The BC 61 can be folded back by a smart coupler, but after folding the brush head it will be wrapped in a round plastic cover.

  • Color: Various colors
  • Length: 183mm
  • Material: Advanced plastic
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The minimum product need to order500


The BC 61 have similar design to the BC60, but the BC 61 is a bit more modern and sophisticated. Let’s find out the toothbrush in the hotel amenities that Star Solutions is distributing.

First of all, it is rare to find a hotel model toothbrush that is equipped with a plastic “armor” attached to the brush body. This brush can also be folded back with a smart coupler, however, after folding the head of the brush it will be wrapped in a fancy round plastic cover.

The brushes are made of  high-grade plastic, depending on the color of the hotel owner’s preference that the product can be colored as desired. High-grade anti-dust, mold resistant, durable and stylish plastic will become a highlight decoration for your room.

The product is still made of high quality nylon very thin bristles, the softness of the hotel bristle brush is relatively removed plaque, proctect enamel. The advanced technology ensures bristle brushes, which do not fall off during brushing.

This is a very strange sample of brushes, there are also many hotels like this sophisticated and ordered this products. However, not all hotels can pick them up, because the price of this sample is for the hotel sector 3.4 stars. However, if the customer really wants to buy in large quantities, Star Solutions can sell at the best price.

With Star Solutions, besides the toothbrushes introduced here, there are many other quality hotel equipments, please refer to the website: or call 0243.66.11111 to be quoted.


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