Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

The company supplies hotel equipment in Hai Phong

How to select the hotel equipment in Hai Phong? Looking for the most prestigious hotel equipment supplier in Hai Phong – Vietnam?

Some note when choosing Hotel equipment and supplies

When setting up appliances for new hotels, it must be based on many factors: main customers, class, hotel style, environment, … So, what is the point when choosing hotel equipment and supplies in Hai Phong

Lựa chọn thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn Hải Phòng cần lưu ý những gì?
Some note when choosing Hotel equipment and supplies

Hotel furniture in Hai Phong must withstand the impact of the environment

Product quality is very important for every hotel supplies. Good quality products not only help them have long-term service life but also show the level and professionalism of the hotel.

Selection of hotel supplies in Hai Phong must focus on quality factors and materials. Because Hai Phong is not subject to the effects of humid tropical monsoon climate, it is also affected by the weather of the sea. Therefore, the hotel equipment in Hai Phong must ensure:

  • Good resistance to moisture. Especially the hotel electrical equipment: hair dryer, refrigerator, super speed, air conditioner, … Paper supplies: packaging, amenities, offset hotel, … must be carefully preserved and avoided humidity.
  • Good corrosion resistance. Because the area near and coastal is strongly influenced by wind, humidity, air from the sea. The most affected items: hotel signboards, outdoor trash, …

Therefore, when choosing hotel furniture in Hai Phong, choose materials: 304 stainless steel, wood, high quality plastic resin. At the same time, choose the address that provides prestigious hotel equipment.

Hotel equipment in Hai Phong must environmentally friendly

As a key tourist city of the north, Hai Phong has a large number of international tourists. Moreover, this is also a province with a long coastline, many hotels and resorts along the coast. Therefore, it is necessary to use friendly and environmental-friendly devices.

  • For electrical appliances in the hotel, it is recommended to choose a power-saving device; wind and solar energy equipment; …
  • For common hotel utensils, choose “clean” materials: wood, paper, environmental protection paper , porcelain, pottery, …
Đồ dùng, thiết bị khách sạn tại Hải Phòng phải phù hợp với phong cách, đẳng cấp khách sạn
Hotel equipment and facilities in Hai Phong must match the style and hotel level

Hotel equipment suitable for class, hotel style

Depending on the size, class, and hotel style, the investor as well as the hotel management board have the choice of suitable designs. The relevance here is not only about the style but also the color, material and quantity of the product.

  • About the design: luxurious, modern, classic, oriental, western style, ..
  • About color: depending on the main color tone of the hotel or light tones (luxurious) in light colors (modern, elegant), …
  • In terms of quantity: the higher the class hotel, the more detail in a set of products ( amenities , furniture, …)

For the most peace of mind, choose the addresses that provide prestigious hotel supplies, have a full team of designers, production lines as well as a team of consultants, construction and installation. These addresses will have a team of professional consultants who can give the most accurate advice.

The above notes apply not only to the selection of hotel equipment in Hai Phong but also to other areas.

Address provides prestigious Hai Phong hotel equipment and devices

All concerns when choosing hotel products in Hai Phong will be solved when you find the address providing quality reputation products.

Criteria to select units that provide prestigious hotel utensils

  • Has a professional design team, modern production lines. At that time, all design and design requirements can be met easily and quickly; Goods are produced in the right design, in time.
  • Having a team of experienced consultants, can advise at all times.
  • Separate warehouse and construction team; Can ensure goods arrive timely; Install in the right place, properly.
  • High-quality products; various designs; Prestigious brand
Star Solutions cung cấp đồ dùng khách sạn đa dạng về chủng loại, mẫu mã
Star Solutions provides hotel utensils with a variety of types and designs

Star Solutions provides hotel equipment in high quality in Hai Phong

With many years experience in supplying hotels equipments, Star Solutions has many large and long-term partners in Vietnam: hotel Pao’s Leisure Sapa , hotel Army troops , yacht La Regina , …

Star Solutions has a full and professional staff. From the design, construction and production teams, consultants are well trained; experienced; ensure the most satisfactory products; The most accurate delivery time. Not only providing hotel utensils in Hai Phong, Northern region; Star Solutions also cooperates with many further hotels: Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc, Lao Cai, Ha Giang, …

With modern production lines, Star Solutions products are always guaranteed the best quality; The product is true to the design. Types of hotel utensils are always diverse in both design and material: plastic, stainless steel, wood, … In particular, Star Solutions hotel utensils are highly resistant to corrosion; withstand the impact of the environment; Very suitable for hotels in Hai Phong.

Besides, with imported products: safe box, hotel fridge , hair dryer , … Star Solution has a major import route. Therefore, all hotel supplies come from prestigious international brands; Full warranty and maintenance period.


Due to the initiative in production, Star Solutions hotel equipment always has a reasonable price. Many great incentives are always applied to customers. Therefore, from medium and small hotels 1-2 stars to 4-5 star big hotels can choose the best products at Star Solutions. With the above information, Star Solutions hopes customers have the most useful information to set up their hotel equipment in Hai Phong as well as many other provinces across Vietnam.

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