Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

Hotel signboard and brand recognition

What is the brand identity? What is the role of hotel signboard in identifying hotel brands?

A professional and consistent hotel brand recognition system will be highly persuasive and attractive to customers. Not only is one of the 10 most important factors that make up the brand identity system for hotels / resorts, the hotel signboard system is also the first criterion for you to determine your position in the market. Competitive compared to rival hotels. At the same time, it is also a means for your hotel to save the impression in the minds of customers after each contact.

Biển bảng khách sạn và vai trò trong nhận diện thương hiệu khách sạn
Hotel signboard and role in hotel brand identity

What is the hotel brand identity system?

Brand Identity is the expression of a business’s identity through messages about the image, expression language, color, medium, and communication.

The goal of the brand identity system is to create awareness, distinction for your hotel compared to other hotel brands with their own characteristics and individuality. And the higher the goal is to influence the perception of customers and the public, increase the ability of customers to remember and help your brand can occupy the position in the minds of customers.

The hotel brand identity system includes elements such as name, logo, slogan, packaging, website interface, advertising brochures … and the hotel signboard system . They are designed in sync and consistent, so that customers easily identify and remember.

Hệ thống nhận diện thương hiệu khách sạn là gì?
What is the hotel brand identity system?

The role of the hotel billboard in identifying the hotel brand

As the flourishes of non-smoking industry, the hotel business and tourism services are considered ‘golden opportunities’ for many businesses. But the business is also listed as the most competitive service sector in Vietnam.

The role of brand identity

In order to confirm the level and enhance the competitive position of the hotel, besides paying attention to the high quality of service, you also need to pay special attention to building brand identity image for the hotel.

With a professional brand identity system, not only shows the level of the hotel, but it also helps your hotel score points in the customer’s heart from the first look.

According to experts in the field of hotel business, besides factors such as name, logo, packaging products and services, … the table is an extremely effective way of communication for the hotel.

Vai trò của biển bảng khách sạn trong việc nhận diện thương hiệu khách sạn
The role of the hotel signboard in identifying the hotel brand

The role of hotel signboard in hotel brand identity

Hotel name signboards help impress the visitors

Hotel signboard   is one of the factors that are capable of ‘direct’ and regular attacks on customer perceptions. They have a dense appearance in the scale of hotels and resorts.

In particular, the signboard system is one of the core brand identity elements for a hotel. When the name of the hotel is influential and remembered by the customer. They will create trust and affirm the level of the hotel, bring confidence, feeling peace of mind and safety for customers when choosing the product or service of that hotel.

Display the hotel signboard can save advertising costs

It also helps reduce the cost of advertising and communications. Because of this, the criteria for brand identity of the hotel, such as logo, name and slogan, … also appear regularly in the design of the hotel signboard.

For example, designing a backdrop area at the hotel lobby not only brings luxury to the hotel space but is also one of the simplest and most memorable signs of identity.

Biển bảng chỉ dẫn thể hiện sự chuyên nghiệp của khách sạn
Signboard shows the professionalism of the hotel

Signboard showing the professionalism of the hotel

The hotel’s signboard system makes it easy for guests to recognize the hotel and services that the hotel has. Providing the necessary information to customers and images also affects their perception of the professionalism of the hotel.

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