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How to distinguish Twin room and Double Room

When you go on vacation, you are often confused about whether to choose Twin room and Double room to suit your needs. So this article we will help you learn more about these two types of Twin Room and Double room. What are the characteristics of these two types of rooms? We will help you make the right choice.

Distinguish between Twin room and Double room:

1. Twin room:

  • Usually abbreviated as TWN is a double room with 2 separate beds. When traveling or taking a vacation, the majority of people who choose this room are usually friends or family. The size of Twin room bed will usually depend on the hotel standard as follows:

+ Up to 3-star hotel will have average size from 2m x 1m

+ 4-star hotel and above bed will have average size from 2m x 1.2m

Twin room
Twin room with outstanding furniture makes the room look luxurious

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2. Double room

  • Usually abbreviated as DBL and the bed has only one bed for spouses or relatives that can be shared. The bed will usually have the following size:

+ Normally the bed size of DBL room will be 2m x 1.6m

+ DBL room with average size of bed from 2m x 1.8m is called Queen size

+ DBL room with average size of beds from 2m x 2m is called King size

  • And they will be divided according to the standard of the hotel you choose.
Twin room
The double room is decorated by elegant colors with a modern style

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  • Standard room:

This is the most simple, standard room in the hotel. The room is quite small and usually placed on the lowest floor or places where there is no view or view is not beautiful. Besides, the equipment of the most minimalist room is not fully equipped like other rooms. Therefore, Standard room usually has a relatively low price compared to other rooms in the hotel.

  • Superior Room:

This room will usually be more advanced and usually have a larger area than the Standard room. Rooms will have an area of ​​20m2 or more and include 1-2 beds and views will be more beautiful. Its equipment is also invested and more complete so the rental price is also more expensive than the Standard room.

The room will be designed high above and have a nice view to the sea or the beautiful scenery …. This room is quite spacious and equipped with additional equipment such as TV, refrigerator … and price is quite high.

This can be considered the VIP room of the hotel and is usually located on the top floor. Suite rooms are usually designed with a separate living room and bedroom, in addition to a balcony for guests to enjoy the view. In addition to the most modern equipped equipment, it also includes additional services such as: take the shuttle to the place, served special dishes … So this can be considered as the room with the highest price at hotel.

Suite at a 5-star hotel

Types of rooms are divided by beds and its symbols:

  • Single room (SGL): single room with 1 bed for 1 person to sleep
  • Twin room (TWN): Double room with 2 beds for more than 2 people.
  • Double room (DBL): Double room with 1 large bed for 2 people.
  • Triple room (TRPL): room has 3 small beds or 1 large bed + 1 small bed enough for 3 people to sleep.
  • Extra bed (Divan, extra bed): This bed will be added into Twin Room or Double room according to the needs of the customer to create a Triple room. This bed is usually quite short and also available for children only.

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Some common concepts used in hotels:

  • Full board package: is a package tour including all breakfast, lunch, dinner and tour costs.
  • Half board package: is a package that includes only breakfast and lunch or dinner and the cost of the tour. Customers can freely move.
  • Free & easy package: is a basic service package including transportation facilities (air tickets, airport shuttle), accommodation and breakfast meals at the hotel. For all other services, guests must take care of themselves.
  • ROH (Run of the house) Usually when you follow a crowded group, you will use this service and the hotel will automatically arrange room for guests when there is an empty room.

After reading this article, you should understand and distinguish between the TWN and DBL rooms and know which room you should choose, right? We wish you a happy holiday.

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