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Immediately update the trend of hotel number sign design in 2017

The number sign of rooms for the hotel plays a very important role. 3 styles of room design in 2017 are modern, classic and neo-classical

The number sign of rooms for the hotel is not simply a factor for hotel staff and visitors to locate the hotel room system, but it is also a highlight for space and professionalism  of the hotel.

Beautiful and impression design of the sign, it is also one of the factors that help the hotel save a beautiful image in the customer’s mind of thoughtful and meticulous. However, to choose the appropriate number of rooms suitable for the hotel is not easy.

If you want to choose the number of rooms for the  most suitable hotel, surely you can not ignore the trend of room number design is receiving much favor of the hotel owner.

Xu hướng thiết kế biển số phòng cho khách sạn 2017
Design trends for the number sign in 2017

Number of rooms sign for a modern style hotel

The number of rooms sign for a modern  style hotel is one of the most popular design trends today. Not too much cumbersome, the sign is simply designed with familiar cubes: rectangles, ellipses or squares.

No need to decorate with sophisticated designs, but these modern style magazine designs are still so subtle and bitter, attracting the attention of the viewer.

Simple style with familiar shapes, perfect backgroud with plush yellow color, impressive numbers and striking textures highlight the mysterious black tone. Undoubtedly, with a modern and fashionable space, the appearance of these room number sign  will be a factor to add aesthetic value as well as the luxury of hotel space.

As one of the leading units in the industry offers hotel facilities, Star Solutions, always trying to update the design trend room number sign . In addition to design issues, Star Solutions is constantly innovating its production materials to offer more choices to its customers and ensure that rates are right for each segment of the hotel.

Biển số phòng cho khách sạn phong cách hiện đại
Room number sign for a modern style hotel

Luxurious with number sign for classic style hotels

A luxury hotel with a glamorous and classy European architecture, it is certainly not possible to have the appearance of modern number sign. That is why the design style of the hotel is one of the important factors used by hotel professionals as criteria to choose the room number.

With a hotel built in the style of classic and luxury European certainly the details, items,  equipment in the hotel must bring “breath” of that style. And with the hotel room number sign too.

If the selection of work makes you feel difficult, then please refer to 4 unique number sign design for this European-style hotel  . Be sure to bring your best puzzle pieces to your hotel.

Biển số phòng cho khách sạn phong cách cổ điển
Room number sign for classical style hotel

Classical and trendy hotel signboard with neoclassical style hotel

Not as monotonous as the modern style, but not too meticulous, sophisticated as the classic style, but the number of rooms in the neoclassical style hotel design is one of the new trends that many hotel in the 3-4 star segment to choose from.

The number sign are made of high-grade plastic or durable metal with the design of meticulous, sharp edges, each subtle lines have hidden luxury and noble of the classic style.  All that sum up the excellent design, full of class.

Đẳng cấp và thời thượng với biển khách sạn phong cách tân cổ điển
Classical and trendy hotel sign board with neoclassical style hotel

With a team of professional designer, high creative ability, Star Solutions will help you create unique sign to the hotel with its signature room number system, the main design of the hotel. Find out the latest Star Solutions sign   to find the right product.

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