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Hotel bed runners are not only decorative accessories to make the bed more prominent and luxurious, but also bring a more artistic and refined space for the hotel bedroom with patterns and impressive colors. Depending on the size, design style as well as the color scheme of the bedroom to choose bed runners in term of pattern, color, creating the highlight for the bedroom.

Most of the hotel bed decoration sheets will be designed in sync with the pillow decorated with impressive design and prominent in color, pattern. However, in many hotels, bed runner and pillows are two completely different color tone but there is a harmonious combination element.

When choosing a hotel bed runner there are three important factors:
Color: The color of the hotel decoration must be in harmony with the color of the walls as well as furniture in the room.

Size: Based on the size of the hotel bed to choose the right size for the bed runners. Typically, bed runners will have three sizes: 170 * 43cm (for 1.2m bed), 220 * 43cm (for bed 1.6m) and 230 * 43cm (for 1.8m bed).

Material: On the market today there are many different types of bed sheet products with various materials. But the most popular material used by hoteliers is taffeta. This fabric is light and delicate, less faded, no wrinkles, no spills.

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