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Hotel table cover with chairs cover, chair bow are the products that play a very important role in attracting, impressing customers when coming to enjoy the dishes. The products of table and chair covers is designed in harmony, eye catching will certainly creating sympathy and make customers feel more comfortable and satisfied.

The hotel restaurant area usually has table and chair covers. Moreover, every restaurant, hotel often has more than a sample of hotel table covers for use in banquets, conferences with different topics. The selection of table and chair covers for the hotel must meet the harmony between the two details and the general space of the restaurant, banquet room.

To be used in many cases and different spaces, table and chair covers usually have simple colors: white, cream, blue … and can be accompanied with chair bows, napkins color like: purple, red, dark blue or bronze. The materials used to make hotel linens are durable fabrics that are easy to clean: taffta, linen,… They are often embroidered with eyes catching patterns and printed hotel logo.

Star Solutions offers a full range of table an chair covers with all sizes and colors for customers to choose from. We support customers to design, print, embroider and decorate the products in order to attract the impression of the visitors. Beside table and chair covers, we design and supply a whole range of products used in hotel restaurants: chairs, napkins …to help customers get the products that match their hotel style, creating professional space and at the same time, saving time and money.

Being a prestigious unit with long-term experience, Star Solutions’ products are always assured of quality and design. Contact Star Solutions for the best quality table and chair covers.