Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

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Hotel curtains are an important factor affecting the interior space of the hotel, especially the bedroom. The curtains adjust the light, hot sun block, air conditioning adjustment in summer, warm winter brings customers the space to rest, relax. Not only that, they are also the details to add more modern, luxurious and class to the space of the room.

Most customers come to Star Solutions, we usually advise them to use curtains of neutral color, such as white or cream. These are the colors that show the elegance, politeness, make the room space feel cool, clean. In addition, depending on the design style, the color of each space to choose the appropriate color, ensuring the harmony, creating a private space, discreet, give customers the feeling as comfortable as they are in the house itself.

The most popular curtain is the curtain fabric. The type of curtain fabric selected mostly linen fabric, silk fabric or can be high-grade cotton fabric. Typically, the hotel curtains will be curtain fabric with two layers of double layer with outer layer made of thick fabric, high durability, and the inner layer is thin fabric, more transparent (usually voile). With this two-layer structure, the curtain you choose can bring optimum protection against sun, heat, sound insulation.

When coming to Star Solutions, we will base on the size, design space and investment budget, the level of the hotel to advise and give you the most appropriate type of curtain. Ensuring the products suitable with the economic potential while still ensuring the quality and aesthetics. If you own one or a chain of hotels and you are planning to refresh the space, please contact Star Solutions immediately via HOTLINE 094.76.11111 for advice or request for quotations or orders.