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Hotel towels have long become an essential item, absolutely indispensable in hotel services, especially room service. Hotel towels are available in many different types, such as: face towels, bath towels, hand towels … As one of the mainstream products of Star Solutions, the luxury hotel towels we provide and distribute having all best elements from color, size, style to price. Ensure to bring customers the class products, leading the trend both in quality and aesthetics.

All of Star Solutions’ hotel towels are made from 100% cotton, which is extremely absorbent, after long time using, the towel is still durable and does not lose hairs as unqualified towels.

Especially our products absolutely do not use preservative chemicals, the production process ensures quality standards of hygiene. Therefore, the product is absolutely safe, friendly and environmentally friendly. Every cotton towel has pleasant natural fragrance, softness as well as high durability. In particular, Star Solutions hotel towel has antibacterial, anti-mold, high anti-ultraviolet and anti-smell.

Color is also a key element of Star Solutions’ cotton towels. Most of the towel products use the latest dyestuff technology and use dyes substances from environmentally-friendly natural ingredients. We can design and dye color according to customers’ requirements, ensuring to bring the best cotton towels to your hotel.

Please contact us via hotline 0947611111 or leave a message directly on the website, we will advise and answer any questions, requests. See more interior fabrics to refer the furniture products in the hotel.