Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

Job description of room staff in hotel

Staff of hotel rooms are also called with other names: Room attendant, housekeeper, houseskeeping, … These are employees working in the room cleaning team directly under the hotel room. What does the job description of the hotel room staff include?

The work of staff in hotel rooms is ensuring the hygienic and tidy for the guests’ rooms (for guest rooms); before guests arrive and after guests leave. At the same time, the staff in the room must also perform other arising tasks: checking the equipment in the room ; receive and return laundry items; …

Bản mô tả công việc của nhân viên buồng phòng khách sạn
Job description of hotel room staff

Housekeeping hotel cleaning guest rooms

At the beginning of the shift, the room staff receives the work from the secretary or supervisor (Floor suppervisor). Get the keys to the rooms that need to clean up.

Prepare the necessary equipment in the shift: cleaning cart, clean cloth, amenities, ..

Implement working process according to SOP standard procedure of the hotel housekeeping department. Depending on the room type, different procedures apply: rooms with guests, rooms with dirty rooms, VIP rooms, …

Collection of lost and found items (forgotten items) of guests (if any). Write in the book and take it to the storage place as specified by the hotel.

In the process of making a room, if guests have questions, politely answer and guide guests to the necessary place.

Check the work once before leaving the room.

Deliver the room key to the secretary or supervisor. Put dirty stuff to the right place.

Work of room staff: check check-out room

For guests wishing to check out, the room staff’s job is to check the room status before cleaning the room. This check must be completed and notified to the receptionist before checking out.

Content to check:

  • Check out the minibar counter
  • Check the status of using equipment in the room
  • Check the charged services that guests have used
  • Check if the guests borrowed from the room department have been paid
  • After checking, the room staff will provide the above information to the reception department to make the check-out process for guests.
Sắp xếp đồ amenities là một bộ phận công việc của nhân viên buồng phòng
Arrangement of amenities is a part of the room staff work

Housekeeping receive – send back the laundry items for guests

For guests request the laundry, the room staff check and receive items that the guest wanted to laundry. Write down all the information on the laundry coupon, note the special requirements of the guest.

Delivery the items for laundry department.

When the time comes, staff in the room receive the guests’ belongings from the laundry department, check and return the items to the guests.

Save the laundry coupon and necessary bills. Send this form for the room secretary or handed over to the front desk at check-out.

Room staff handles situations arising during the shift

When detecting guests hanging the DND (do not disturb) for too long, exceeding the specified time of the hotel, the housekeeping staff must report to the superior (Floor supervisor) to take measures handling.

When detecting a sick guest in a rest room, the hotel room must ask about the health status of the guest; report to the supervisor, contact the health worker, call an emergency, … when necessary.

When guests are misplaced, the room staff’s job is to help guests find items, inform the relevant department to find items for guests.

Other jobs of hotel room staff

  • At the end of the shift, after completing the assigned jobs, housekeeping must re-clean their working tools, take them to the preservation and storage places.
  • When detecting a suspicious behavior, which may pose a risk to the hotel or the safety of other guests, must immediately notify the shift supervisor.
  • Participate in meetings, periodic summaries of the department
  • Attend training sessions organized by the hotel
  • Perform other support tasks entrusted by superiors.

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