Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

Latest news about 152 Vietnamese tourists missing in Taiwan

On  December 21, 23, 152 Vietnamese tourists came to Taiwan and went missing. This is suspected of being the biggest traders in Taiwan so far.

Truyền thông Đài Loan dồn dập đưa tin về vụ mất tích của 152 du khách Việt Nam tại đây
Taiwan media rushed to report on the disappearance of 152 Vietnamese tourists

CNA – Taiwan’s Central News Agency report: on December 21, a group of 23 Vietnamese tourists came to Taiwan from Kaohsiung airport and went missing in Xinbei city. The remaining 130 visitors included 3 delegations, arriving in Taiwan on December 23 and missing for 2 days 23, 24/12. The only person who is not missing is the tour leader.

Immediately after the incident was discovered, Taiwan’s authorities came into action. The search for 152 Vietnamese guests is being carried out by the NIA task force in Kaohsiung City (Taiwan). In addition to suspecting that this is a case involving human traffickers, there are many opinions and evidence that this is a collective escape.

Đoàn khách Việt Nam nhập cảnh Đài Loàn tại Sân bay Cao Hùng, và mất tích sau khi nhập cảnh
Vietnamese guests entered Taiwan at Kaohsiung Airport, and disappeared after entering the country

Reportedly, this number of Vietnamese tourists came to Taiwan under Quan Hong program. This is part of Taiwan’s New South Policy (NSP). Under this policy, groups of 5 or more visitors from countries: Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and India will be given priority for simple Visa procedures (not financial proof). The condition is that these tourists must follow the tour of travel agencies recognized by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

After the incident, Taiwan canceled the visa application of 182 Vietnamese tourists coming to Taiwan under the Quan Hong program. According to the Taipei Times, 182 visa applications are for groups of tourists who follow the tour of Etholiday (the unit responsible for receiving the delegation of 4 missing guests in Taiwan).

Từ sau khi có chương trình Quan Hồng, du khách Việt Nam đến Đài Loan tăng vọt do giá rẻ, không phải chứng minh tài chính
Since the Quan Hong program, the number of Vietnamese tourists have come to Taiwan soaring due to cheap prices, not having to prove finance

Quan Hong program took place since 2015. In 3 years of application, there have been more than 150 Vietnamese tourists “missing”. However, only a few people in each group and not continuous. Large and continuous numbers like the last incident are unprecedented.

Taiwanese related agencies: Tourism Bureau, Taiwan Consulate Agency, NIA are still working together to find those who are “missing”. After being found, violating Taiwan’s immigration law, 152 Vietnamese tourists will be deported from Taiwan, and have to pay full travel expenses. At the same time, they will be banned from entering Taiwan for a certain period of time. However, until today, 26/12, there has not been found ​​this group.

Website chính thức của Công ty TNHH thương mại du lịch Kì Nghỉ Quốc Tế - International Holidays Trading Travel Co
The official website of Ky Nghi. – International Holidays Trading Travel Co

International Holidays Trading Travel Co is the unit bringing 152 Vietnamese tourists to Taiwan. Their partner in this case is ETHoliday (in Taiwan).

International Holidays Trading Travel Co is located at 162/20 Road 10, Ward 9, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City. This is a travel agency established in 2012 with many domestic, foreign, European, and Asian tours, etc. This unit has cooperated and organized many programs for Vietnamese and international guests. . After the incident, until December 26, International Holiday Company still has no official announcement with the press.

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