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“Like” on Twitter a 5 star hotel employee was fired

A media worker working for a multinational hotel chain in the United States does not believe he was fired just because he “likes” a Twitter article.

5 star hotel employees was fired

Roy Jones, 49, is a five-star hotel executive in Omaha, Nebraska, USA – a branch of a multinational hotel corporation. The duty of this man is to read the comments and articles related to the hotel every day.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal on March 7th, in a song on the evening of the beginning of this year, Jones read a compliment on the hotel on Twitter and he pressed the “like” button on the content.

Nội dung bài tweet khiến nhân viên khách sạn 5 sao bị đuổi việc
The tweet content caused the 5 star hotel staff to be fired

The specific content of the tweet is as follows:  “Friends of Tibet congratulate global hotel chain Marriott International for listing Tibet as a country along with HongKong and Taiwan

Penalty for hotel

However, Jones was unaware that the tweet itself hit the “like” button with politically sensitive content. Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Tibet are both under Chinese sovereignty and not a nation. The government has been extremely angry and punishing the hotel where Jones works.

One of the major “penalties” the hotel suffered was suspension of its headquarters in China within a week. This has caused huge economic losses for the group because China is one of the lucrative markets that are being exploited by the chain.

“I totally do not know. We were not trained on that, “ Jones said. He also said he was shocked to find out he was fired for a “like” button on Twitter. “This job is all I have. At my age now, it is hard to find another job. I can earn 18 USD per hour from this job. ” – Jones shares.

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