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Hotel business secret – Make a good impression on visitors with a disposable toothbrush

Making an impression with a disposable toothbrush is not too difficult in the hotel business. So, how to choose the most reliable toothbrush supplier?

How hotel toothbrush creates sympathy for visitors?

Make a good impression with the visitors, receive positive feedback from every customer is the desire of each hotel. With years of experience in the hospitality industry, Star Solutions understands the needs and aspirations of customers. So, we have launched and implemented many measures, methods to meet this desire. There are a selection of disposable hotel toothbrush.

Disposable hotel toothbrush creates sympathy for visitors?

We recognize that besides investing heavily in infrastructure, the choice of hotel supplies and  equipment  also plays a very important role. Customers always highly appreciate places where even the smallest details make them happy.

There is an object that many hotels often neglect to choose because they think it is small and unnecessary. But we insist that it contributes significantly to the benefits of each hotel. That is the disposable hotel toothbrush.

Some mistakes and its disadvantage when choosing hotel toothbrushes

Many hotels suffer from these errors when selecting toothbrushes that are not good for visitors.

  • The bristles are hard and loud: they can not clean the teeth, but also damage the enamel, bleeding gums.
  • Applying the bristles: break easily, fall off, spread the bristles when using.
  • Brush head is not small: easily hurt the gums.
  • Roller brush too short or too small: make it difficult to use, easy to slip out of hand.
  • Poor material: harmful to user health; poor durability, easy to mold, cracked during transportation, storage.

Star Solutions’ toothbrush

Disposable hotel toothbrush by Star Solutions

The reasons for such small thing is enough to make customers feel uncomfortable and leave a bad impression. The customer satisfaction comes from the great experience at the hotel. So a good brush from Star Solutions will have to be a soft brush, medium mouth, easy to handle, hygienic and eye-catching look.


In front of hundreds of suppliers with different types of hotel  toothbrushes  , why choose Star Solutions? Because we are extremely strict in product design. A brush supplied by Star Solutions to hotels must meet three criteria:

  • Good quality, safe with user
  • Beautiful model, easy to use
  • Reasonable price

All Disposable brushes of Star Solutions are manufactured according to the  advanced technology with advanced anti-bacterial and anti-mold materials. The design and color of the product must be elegant in line with the characteristics of the hotel.

We believe that the owner will have no excuse to ignore our product – quality toothbrush that have been, and will be, available throughout hotels in Vietnam.

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