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Message of World Tourism Day 2018

This year’s World Tourism Day – 2018: ” Tourism and Digital Transformation” was recently presented by Zurab Pololikashvili, General Secretary of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Message of World Tourism Day in 2018

This year, 2018, the message of World Tourism Day will be “Travel and Digital Transformation.” The message was given by UNWTO Secretary General Zurab Pololikashvili in his new speech.

Mr. Zurab Pololikashvili – General Secretary of UNWTO

The general secretary said that, in order to develop the tourism, not only innovate the tools but also in the perception. We are living in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. Progressive conversions are the way we think, transform behavior and encourage creativity. Not only do we need new tools, but we need new capabilities and thinking. So, through the United Nations family, we are designing innovative projects, creative partnerships. ”

In addition, he also stressed that : ” The scale large and the impact of the tourism industry worldwide to other sectors and the objectives of Sustainable Development put social responsibility of tourism to the forefront, along with Creativity at all levels. ”

With this message, the world’s tourism industry not only develops sustainably, but also contributes to building a digital platform for all sectors. Mr. Zurab Pololikashvili also said that digital advances will lead to significant developments in tourism and all related sectors: ” Creative exploitation and digital advancement provide opportunities for tourism to increase its coverage, empower local communities and manage resources effectively, along with other goals in the context of promoting sustainable development. Number conversion is intended to benefit all parties, and we are ensuring that the industry contributes to this global commitment. ”

World Tourism Day 27/9

Message of World Tourism Day 2017

This year’s World Tourism Day (2018) will be celebrated on 27 September in Budapest, Hungary.

World Tourism Day was officially organized in 1980. This is an annual event held on September 27 every year. September 27, 1970 is the day the charter of the International Tourism Organization officially approved by the United Nations. Therefore, this day has been chosen as the day celebrating the World Tourism Day in order to raise awareness about the role of tourism in the international community.

Last year, 2017, World Tourism Day has the message: Sustainable Tourism – a way to grow.

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