Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

Must have hotel disposable items in bathrooms

What is in the hotel bathroom? The role of the amenities in the hotel bathroom. Address offer bathroom amenities.

Interior bathroom amenities

Hotel Bathroom is one of the areas that many hotel owners are interested in when building hotels. Choosing what bathroom  appliances need, how things are used is what most investors are interested in.

The hotel bathroom is a rather special area in the overall hotel bedroom. That is where the visitors come to the hotel can feel free to immerse in the cool water, shed the dusty late after a long trip, where they relax after a day of work, tired travel . Therefore, the bathroom is the place where many luxury hotels in the world spend a lot of energy with the luxurious and beautiful designs.

In addition to basic amenities such as: Lavabo, , makeup mirror , hairdryer , bathrobe, towels , towel racks, hand sanitizer spray … the hotel amenities are also a detail extremely important that you need pay attention.

Nội thất đồ dùng phòng tắm khách sạn
Interior hotel bathroom

Amenities in hotel bathroom

Amenities are replaced every day, after each check-out, or there are hotels replaced 2 times a day for 1 room of the hotel. Although only small items, personal hygiene items used daily, but many visitor care about. There are even travelers who become loyal customers of a hotel simply because they like the amenities of that hotel.

With other details in the bathroom, you can easily select and buy the product of many suppliers in the market. But with the amenities of the hotel , you have to find the right place to choose the amenities you like.

A standard hotel amenities set for the hotel bathroom must meet aesthetic factors, quality, price and style, brand of the hotel. To do that, not all vendors on the market today can do it.

Amenities phòng tắm khách sạn
Amenities for Hotel bathroom

The role of amenities in hotel bathroom  

Today, as the country’s tourism industry is expanding and developing, with thousands of new hotels opening each year, the hotel supply industry is also bustling. The style of bathroom furniture in the hotel is also increasingly diverse, followed by beautiful products with more sophisticated design and luxury. But they can not stay away from the quality and cost factor.

In keeping with the new trend, most hotels want to choose their nice amenities in the hotel logo to improve the quality of their services in the hotel, retain their customers and increase their competitiveness. However, it is not possible to spend too much on amenities because it has to balance between room rates and prices for a consumable set.

Therefore, you need a reputable, professional supplier to advise and help you choose the most suitable amenities. Star Solutions is a place where you can trust the selection of bathroom amenities.

Vai trò của đồ dùng phòng tắm khách sạn
The role of hotel bathroom amenities

The address provide hotel amenities

With over 10 years experience in consulting new setup hotel. Star Solutions is the leading provider of hotel amenities in Vietnam. Here, you will be consulted the consumable items that suits your requirements from color, material, design to cost enthusiastically and professionally.

With a team of experienced designers and showrooms displaying hundreds of models of amenies for you to choose. Not only that, Star Solutions also offers many other preferential when ordering regular amenities quantities.

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