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Leaflets – Hotel Brochure is an introduction to the image and services of the hotel. This is an indispensable product in the hotel offset suite. Leaflets play an important role, as an effective advertising tool for every hotel. A well-designed brochure that is not designed to help the hotel to impress more guests, it’s also can help the hotel to increase the profits from the sale of products, its service.

Hotel brochures are usually made of high quality C250 paper, coated to the outside to increase the durability, the ability to avoid water for products. The colors on the brochure are varied. In addition to color, logo color, leaflets also have prominent background color, depending on the style of the customer. The leaflet design can also change in style as well as size. There are single leaflets, multiple pages, …

Star Solutions designs and supplies brochures for hotels of various designs and sizes. The quality and color of the products are always guaranteed: no blurring, flying colors, suitable layouts, eye-catching colors, suitable with the class and style of each hotel.

In addition to brochures, Star Solutions brochures offer a wide range of similar products: brochures, vouchers, name tags, and more. Experienced design team will bring to customers the best product samples, the most suitable design. In addition, we also provide products with brochures: prices for information, books, paper clips, leather covers, … ensure a comfortable hotel space.

Being the leading provider of hotel equipment in Vietnam today, Star Solutions is confident to bring our customers the best value. Contact hotline 094 76 11111 for specific advice and order online quickly.