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Chopsticks, spoon covers is a product often seen in luxury hotels restaurants. This product has many important roles. They not only help to clean the items on the table: chopsticks, knives, spoons, but also shows the professional, comfortable. Not only that, chopsticks covers are also tools for hotels, restaurants to promote their image, upgrade the level of the hotel.

Chopsticks and spoons cover often has a variety design. The chopsticks are usually in rectangular shape, and the spoon, fork, and knife can have different shapes: rectangles, triangles, trapezoid shapes as the wish of the customer. However, there are three main types of packaging are 1/2, 2/3, and cover all chopsticks and spoon.

The chopsticks in addition to showing luxury and hygiene can also be an effective PR tool. Logo, name, address, phone number, slogan of the hotel are fully printed on the bag surface. For restaurants and hotels that serve many foreigners, bilingual printing is available on both sides of the product. Bringing information and images to the surface of the product cleverly help customers easily remember the hotel and more impressive.

Star Solutions is a provider of hotel supplies. In addition to the products range of amenities, leather sets, pillow blankets, … we also offer the same offset equipment, which are types of chopsticks, spoon. With a team of skilled designers and modern production lines, we always update the latest designs, quality and quickly print with the most competitive price.

Star Solutions’s chopsticks are available in a wide variety of colors, made from high quality paper: Kraft paper, Cauchy paper, Ford paper … These papers have excellent durability, smoothness and excellent adhesion, colorless, stained yellow when stored. However, due to the fact that it is made from paper, the water resistance of this paper cover is not as good as the plastic material. Therefore, when storage must care about the reservation.