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Door hanger tag, do not disturb hanger is one of the main products provided by Star Solutions. This is one of the most important and indispensable items in every hotel. The sign do not disturb to provide guests with comfortable rest and at the same time, to make operation and hotel services more comfortable and professional. Currently, the design of the eye-catching door tags also help the hotel space more luxurious, more class.

Door tags usually only indicate the condition of the room: Please clean the room, please do not disturb, meeting, … However, now the use of this detail is expanding. They become the effective PR medium and decorate the space of the hotel room more lively. In addition to the old information, the card can also bring the message of the hotel, helping the hotel more impressed in the customer.

The Do not disturb sign can be made from many different materials: paper, leather, mica, wood, plastic … Each material has its own advantages and cost for each material is different. Hanging door made of leather, wood show luxury; The sign do not disturb with modern plastic,… The investor usually based on the style, the hotel class to choose the appropriate door tag.

Star Solutions offers a wide range of hotel door tags that are available in a variety of materials, with a price range that fits all hotel standards. Professional design team will bring customers the sign do not disturb the hotel with the most unique and beautiful design. The quality of each product is guaranteed to be durable, not moldy, termite …

In addition to the hotel card, Star Solutions also has a wide range of products: amenities, sanitary wares, fabrics, … We are the leading provider of quality hotel equipment in Vietnam.