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Star Solutions designs, prints and provides envelopes style, paper for hotels, restaurants with high quality, modern style and sophistication.
The letter envelope in the hotel is a very small utility item. However, they play an important role, demonstrating the professionalism and class of the hotel. Currently, in the trend of professionalism, modernization, each hotel almost has its own envelope samples.

Paper meterial in the hotel envelope is usually a Ford paper from 100-120, stronger than ordinary envelopes. Besides, the side of the bag available adhesive tape to be sealed, it’s very convenient. The envelope is printed with the logo, name, address and telephone number of the hotel. Whether used within the hotel or sent outside the hotel are uniform to use of this type of envelope.

Hotel envelopes are not just everyday envelopes, they also have a variety of larger sizes (higher, longer), used for sending, storing documents or big size papers. Some common envelope sizes are 9 * 18cm, 12 * 22cm, 19 * 24cm, 25 * 35cm, … In addition, customers can also order envelopes in other sizes.

In addition to the envelope products, Star Solutions also designs and supplies other printing products: letter-writing paper, name card, invoice, … Especially, with new hotels or wanting to re-setup all of our printing products, we can deliver these products in the same style that creates harmony, uniformity and professionalism.

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