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Hotel letter paper is a form of paper produced in high-grade materials accompany the envelope paper to send the message of the hotel to partners or close customers. Hotel writing paper usually prints the logo, name and some basic information of the hotel. Although it is not used too much, however, this is still an important detail in improving the level and quality of service of the hotel.

The standard for selecting a good letter form for a hotel is based on several factors: paper, design, color, etc. In terms of materials, we should use high quality Ford 100. This paper is durable, no yellowing in storage and most importantly they have the ability to stick to the ink, good color, smooth and not cause dazzling. In terms of size, writing paper usually has A4 size, corner printed paper logo, hotel information. In some cases, the upper edge or the bottom of the curved paper and printed with slogans or greetings, the message of the hotel to the customer.

In addition to the usual white, there are many hotels use letter-writing paper in light color (blue, yellow, brown …) and also iridescent eye shadow. The choice of colors for letter paper depends on the overall style of the hotel logo. However, they usually only have 2-3 colors, too much color can cause eye irritation, it will affect the aesthetics of the product.

Star Solutions designs and supplies high quality hotel letter paper with good paper quality, high ink retention and clear logo printing. In addition to writing paper, we also offer a wide range of other offset printing: bill, name card, leaflet, voucher, … Especially, with letter paper products, we have the letter paper that match the hotel style, creating a high professionalism for the hotel.

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