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Luggage tag is the product attached, hanging in the suitcase, luggage bag to easily identify the luggage of the user. At the hotel, the luggage tag is essential to avoid confusion, luggage lost. Especially, at high-end hotels and during the tourist season, when there are many visitors, the mistake of luggage easily makes customers have bad impression on the hotel. At the same time, equipped with a beautiful luggage tag is also a factor to help the hotel more professional.

In order to be able to give the correct luggage for each customer, the luggage tags in the hotel usually has two parts, with the closing for easy opening, separation. The two parts have spaces to record luggage information: user name, number, color … After writing information, a piece is attached to the luggage, a part is torn out, assigned to the guest to Accurate comparison when delivering or receiving luggage.
Since it is only used once, hotel luggage tags are usually made from paper material. However, there is a division between different types of paper: paper C250, C300, Couche, Kraft, … Depending on the style, the desire of each hotel to choose different paper.

At present, the luggage tag outside the control effect, luggage identification also has many other uses: impress customers, advertising for hotels, affirm, upgrade the level of the hotel … Therefore, the content and form of the hotel baggage tag is also increasingly attention. On the tag in addition to information about customers, luggage also has the name, logo and messages, hotel services are provided. Tag design is also extremely diverse: rectangular, square, polygon, … The thickness of the Tag is also changed according to the wishes of each investor.

Star Solutions designs, prints and provides hotel luggage tags with diverse designs, beautifully tailored to the style of each hotel. In addition to luggage tags, we also offer many other offset products:, bill, name card, neck card, …