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Name Card or Card Visit, a business card is a type of card with the name and the basic information to contact an individual or organization. Name hotel cards are important details, indispensable in every hotel. They help guests with the hotel partners can capture the most necessary information about the hotel. At the same time, the decoration, the design on the card also show the style of the hotel.
Star Solutions is a provider of hotel equipment and supplies, from a wide range of amenities, room equipment, and even print products, including name cards. As for the hotel business card products, we have a professional design team, can design ideas, unique hotel card, in accordance with the hotel wish. In addition to hotel business cards, the individual business card templates for staff, hotel managers can also order at Star Solutions. At the same time, we have all the styles, size card visit for customers to choose from the usual size 5.5 * 9cm to 5 * 9cm and business cards 11 * 9cm.
Made from high quality C250, C300 paper, with modern production line, the name card is always smooth, strong, able to stick to ink. Modern printing technology ensures long lasting color. In addition to the simple and modern forms of business cards, we also have many other name card styles: luxury embroidered business cards, unique angles, rounded corners…
Aside from the usual paper-type business cards, today, the kind of wooden and plastic business cards are also favored by their luxury and novelty. With large orders, Star Solutions is always ready to serve all your requirements. For more information, please contact hotline 094 76 11111 for advice.