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Hotel napkins are an indispensable item on the dining table of any hotel restaurant. They play very important role, is the item that help customers clean their mouth, protect their clothes during meals. At the same time this is also used to help restaurant space looks more professional.

Choosing a hotel napkin product to suit the hotel is also a matter of time and effort of the owner. The selection of napkins must be based on a number of factors: fabric, hotel style, … A hotel can have different types of napkins in term of sizes, colors, materials, … to use in many parties with different content and style.

Star Solutions offers and designs napkins for hotels and restaurants with a variety of colors: medium, soft, easy to fold, shaped, easy to clean, beautiful colors, hardly flying colors … Besides, we also support printing, spray or embroider the hotel logo on the napkin with clear, eye-catching detail. With a team of professional designers, we will help customers get the most suitable products, bring out special identity of the hotel.

As a supplier of hotel equipment, we always put the interests of customers on the top, Star Solutions always respect the wishes of customers. We provide our customers with a wide selection of products. With napkins, there are many options for fabrics: linen, silk, cotton, non-gloss … These are soft materials that are very easy to absorb and wash, bleach. Besides, we also offer other fabric products: table, chair… synchronous, the same material, design, creating a luxury restaurant, party.

For consultation and order, customers can contact through our website or phone. Hotline 094 76 11111 is always ready to advise customers at all times.