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In the offset of the hotel, there is no shortage of paper bags because this product is used a lot and play a very important role. The hotel bag shows the level and professionalism of the hotel. In addition, this is a very effective PR tool, which is used by many guests staying outside the hotel.

Hotel bags are produced for the purpose of gift, hotel gift for customers, partners. They are often used to hold items that is not too heavy. However, unlike ordinary plastic bags, paper bags have straps, square appearance, polite, thick, not easy to see inside, ensure the privacy of users … Therefore, Paper bags are usually used outdoors (portable) instead of put in luggage like plastic bags.

By being used extensively, the design of each hotel bag is highly valued. From the color, shape and thickness of the bag must be meticulously calculated. The hotel paper bag material is quite diverse: Kraft paper, Couche paper, Ford paper, duplex paper, …

Star Solutions designs and supplies paper bags for professional, high quality hotels. Stylish design, suitable for each style of hotel. The Star Solutions hotel bag is made of high-grade paper, which can be laminated or rolled as the customer’s preference. The bag has a thick wall, and the connection is firmly attached, which can hold heavier weight objects. The cord is parachute cord or woven durable fabric, ensure not fall, break when used.

Besides the paper bag, Star Solutions also accepts design and offers many other offset devices: name card, bill, paper cup, leaflet. On the other hand, we also provide products that come with paper bags: gift boxes, greeting cards, … with dynamic design and materials, ensuring the luxury, class for the hotel.