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Hotel paper, plastic disposable cups are one of the familiar products in hotel, restaurant. They are used for drinking water, coffee, … Plastic, paper cups play an important role in food, drinks for visitors, at the same time show the sanitary, professional of the hotel. This is the product that appears in quite a number of areas in the hotel: restaurant, bar, lounge, office area …

In addition to the convenience and hygiene, the use of paper cups, plastic cups is also a PR effective way. The slogan, the logo is printed on the glass, will help customers have a deeper impression on the hotel.

Plastic and paper cups are often used in place of porcelain and glass. This cup is used once, no need to spend time cleaning and make many customers peace of mind about safety, hygiene. At the same time, light weight, no worry of falling, breaking, they can easily stored and can be more convenient to carry. Because of this convenience, paper cups, disposable plastic cups are increasingly popular in many places.

Star Solutions designs, prints and distributes paper cups for hotels of various sizes, which can be used for many purposes: drinking water, coffee, tea, milk … We supply Paper cups are made from high quality natural materials, resistant to high temperatures, with logos, hotel information and eye-catching decor. In addition, the plastic products of Star Solutions are made of high quality PV, safe, heat resistant, odorless, no sun, distortion when hot storage. The case is colored or printed with a logo or a handy outer paper loop.

Besides the paper cup, hotel plastic cup, Star Solutions also has many other products: wet wipes, cold wipes, chopsticks, spoon, receipt, … For more information on other products, Please visit the website of or call 094 76 11111 for specific advice.