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Hotel Podium is one of the products designed by Star Solutions, produced and supplied by own team. With the initiative in design and production, Star Solutions customers can freely choose designs, materials that best suit the style of the hall, hotel meeting rooms.

Currently, Star Solutions is providing 3 main podiums: wooden podium, stainless podium and mica podium. Each material has its own advantages and diverse designs.

Wooden Podium of Star Solutions with many designs. Industrial wood material, natural wood covered with Veneer or luxurious Melamine resin. Sample tables of wood are coated with high-grade PU paint to prevent termite and good dust protection. Star Solutions can also attach or engrave hotel logos and names to the surface of the product according to customers’ wishes.

Metal Podium of Star Solutions is usually made of high quality stainless steel. Durable stainless steel material, beautiful, absolute anti-rust and very easy to shape. Many models of stainless steel podium are curved, copper-plated and extremely luxurious gold-plated.

High-end Mica platform can be easily shaped; Many samples are removable when moving or storing. Simple, sturdy connectors, easy to assemble when needed. In addition, mica plastic can create transparent shapes or fill colors as customers want.

For hotels, it is necessary to equip one or more podiums. Especially for hotels with conference rooms. Selecting a podium sample of hotels must match the size, class of the hotel, area and style of the room. Contact Star Solutions to find beautiful, quality and most suitable podium samples for your hotel!