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Receipt is one of the most frequently used printing products in hotels. From the invoice, laundry bill , mini bar bill … to the general bill are very familiar.

The hotel’s service receipt is used when the guest uses the services provided by the hotel. They are usually clamped in A4, A5 and placed in each room. Therefore, the design of beautiful invoice templates, layout is also very important.

The basic requirement for a hotel receipt form is that it must be printed with a clear logo, hotel name, layout, item number, item, unit price. The quality of paper does not need to be as good as when writing letter-writing paper, but still has to ensure good ink retention, no coloring and toughness. One letter invoice printed in plain paper, two to three letter invoices will use carbon paper. This is a special paper for the bill, no need to paper carbon paper when writing, more convenient when used.

In terms of size, hotel receipt usually come in two main sizes: A4 and A5. However, the A5 size is 15 * 21cm more commonly used. Laundry invoices, mini bar and some other service invoices in the hotel usually use this size invoice form.

Star Solutions designs and prints the receipt used in the hotel with high quality, bringing unique hotel characteristics. Besides the invoice 1 sheet, we have both the 2 and 3 sheets of carbon paper with high quality anti-ink, do not worry about the signature down to the next. Carbon paper is imported from Thailand, Singapore, white, durable and tough. Modern printing line, ensuring clear float, no flush;

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