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Stainless steel belt barrier, also known as crowd control columns, is a tool to separate or create paths, to separate passages in crowded places: restaurants, hotels, conferences, museums … Apart from separating functions, sliding passage, stainless steel barier are also used to decorate the red carpet area, wedding reception space extra luxury.
On the market today, there are two types of stainless steel barrier is the stretch barier and line sag barier. the stretch barier are mainly used to separate, divide the pathway, which can be extended to connect to other columns. The color of can be altered as desired, on the line can print the hotel logo. Each column can have rolls of 2-5 m in length, which can be pulled in and out . Wall-mounted type barier are specifically designed to be installed in small, narrow corridors.
Line sag barier are mainly used to create walkways and space decorations. Therefore, the stainless steel barier are often elegant design, eye-catching with striking colors: gold, silver, red, … the line can be fabric, velvet, or combined with metal or having Hook, handy detachable.
Hotels are usually equipped with both types of bariers. Depending on the space, different locations that determine the use of this. However, the use of any kind should focus on quality and style to suit the overall style of the hotel.
Star Solutions offers stainless steel columns with various designs and colors with good quality and competitive price in the market. All our products are imported from foreign countries and fully warranty. Contact hotline 094 76 11111 for specific advice.