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Wet wipes Hotel is a familiar product in many restaurants and hotels. This is a disposable towel, usually chilled before use, also known as a cold wipes. They not only serve the guests but also show the professionalism and class of the hotel. Moreover, the printing of logos, hotel information on the packaging also makes this product a very effective communication tool.

Wet and cold wipes, are usually two types of net wipes and wipes dot. The net has many holes, airy, hygienic; Silk with light floating dots for quick cleansing and surface. Both are made from non-woven fabric that is very soft and easy to break down, safe for the environment. The towel dot is lightweight and has a pleasant aroma. Wet wipes packaging is made of nylon material with two types of nylon and nylon double (coated with light barrier inside).

Used as a PR tool, the hotel offers its own special characteristics, wet towels hotel logo printed with some basic information: name, address, telephone number, service, hotel products … The three main ways of printing are manual printing, flexo printing and bronze printing. Manual printing is the simplest, fastest way to print only one color on a white background. Flexo printers can be printed in 2 colors, sharper, the printing axis can print in many colors, the sharpness up to 100%.
Star Solutions offers high quality hotel wipes, which strictly adhere to the hygiene standards of the Ministry of Health. The wipes has many scents: apple, rose, lemon, … safe for the skin, including sensitive skin. The wet wipe packaging of Star Solutions is clearly printed with a variety of one-sided, 2-sided, 1-color, multi-color printing, suitable for various hotel class.

For more details about the products wet and cold wipes, as well as many other equipment and hotel supplies of Star Solutions: amenities, leather sets, furniture fabrics … please contact 094 76 11111 for advice.