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Phu Quoc Travel: Hon Xuong Island is in the top destination to replace the Maldives

Phu Quoc tourism is increasingly recognized by many international tourists. Recently, Hon Xuong Island was listed in Standard (Maldives) as a replacement for the Maldives.

Phu Quoc Travel: Hon Xuong Island

Phu Quoc tourism is becoming a destination for many domestic and foreign tourists to choose. This is not only a scenic, fascinating but also a lot of tourist services: diving, exploring islands, forests, swimming, …In addition, the resort facilities modern with full Full range of services: dining, entertainment, shopping, relaxation … meet the needs of all visitors.

Du lịch Phú Quốc -Đảo Hòn Xưởng (ảnh: Shutterstock)
Phu Quoc Island – Hon Xuong Island (photo: Shutterstock)

Hon Xuong  is one of the outstanding islands that can not be missed when traveling to Phu Quoc. Together with the islands: Hon May Rut Ngoai, Hon May Rut Trong, Hon Mot, Hon Mong Tay form the five most beautiful islands when traveling to Phu Quoc. Another known is An Tay Islet, located in the south of Phu Quoc Island. This island is famous for its rare coral reefs and beautiful natural scenery.

According to Standard, Phu Quoc Island and Hon Chu Island is the “most secret kept secret” of Vietnam. Phu Quoc island is made up of 28 islands, but Phu Quoc island is the largest island and the resting place when coming here. The most beautiful “Instagrammable” island in the surrounding islands and can only be reached by boat. The picturesque waters, beaches and forests around the island are not damaged, retaining its pristine appearance.

Places to replace the Maldives

Identifying islands from the South Pacific to the Indian Ocean, the Standard lists seven great tourist destinations that can replace the Maldives’ alternatives in 2019. Among them, Koh Lipe Hyams Beach (Australia), Cayo Largo del Sur (Cuba), Vanuatu Island, Roatan Island (Honduras).

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Đảo Koh Lipe (Thái Lan) cũng là một trong 7 gợi ý thay thế Maldives của Standard
Koh Lipe (Thailand) is also one of the seven suggestion can replace Maldives of Standard

Maldives has long been known as a world-class beach destination with coral reefs, sandy beaches and many beautiful natural attractions. The services, resorts are also in top quality. However, their prices are not cheap. Therefore, Standard has introduced readers not only maldives but also the price of “soft” services, more suitable for more visitors.

“7 cheaper alternatives to the Maldives” was published in the Evening Standard, one of the most popular British newspapers.

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