BB Sapa Hotel is a four star hotel located at 8 Cau May, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province. This is one of the recent biggest project of Star Solutions.

BB hotel Sapa hotel

BB Hotel Sapa is a four star hotel located at 8 Cau May, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province. The location is only 200 meters from Ham Rong’s entrance;  Near The shopping malls and entertainment places in the town, convenient for tourists to rest when coming to “town in the mist”. Located on the large road, the travel to the famous tourist spots of Sapa: Truc Lam monastery, Sapa Stone Church, Sapa Lake … or bus station is also very convenient.

BB Hotel Sapa
BB Hotel Sapa

In addition to the places of interest in Sapa, while staying at BB Hotel, you will admire the French-style architecture of the hotel. Together with the dreaming space of Sapa is the delicate design of BB. The large, long patio, decorated with many beautiful flowers, it is a favorite place for many visitors to enjoy afternoon tea, light coffee, and a view of the mountains and the romantic town.

Porch is the preferred area of many visitors for tea and sightseeing

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam, Sapa has always been crowded with tourists in all seasons, especially foreigners. Therefore, BB Sapa has professional staffs and the most convenient services. The hotel uses both Vietnamese and foreign languages, ensuring the best service to all customers.

The bar is cozy and luxurious

The hotel is equiped with the high-quality products. The amenities including: air conditioner, TV, safe box, mini fridge … are fully equipped. The windows and balconies are spacious, guests can enjoy the sunny, windy,it is the ideal place to observe the spectacular scenary. Besides, the services such as: laundry, food, bar, gym, … are appreciated by tourists.

Restaurant at BB Hotel Sapa
The restaurant serves a variety of Asian and European cuisines
Rooms are spacious, airy, fully equipped

Phòng tắm tiện nghi, hiện đại của BB Sapa

Modern facilities Bathroom of BB Sapa

BB Sapa project

BB hotel Sapa used to named U sapa hotel. After changing to BB hotel, The hotel have great transformation about the amenities and signboars. Star Solutions have become a trustful partners, provides many products, equipment for BB hotel. The whole signboard system use in the hotel are well designed by professional design team of Star Solutions, suitable to the new style of BB hotel.

The Brand sign identifies at BB Sapa hotel

As a professional hotel equipment supplier, Star Solutions does not just only offers utensils, equipment, but also consultancy, design and installation. We have taken a lot of exploration on the style and architecture of BB hotel to offer best the design, the quality products. Professional installation staff are present in place to consult the installation location and direct construction enthusiastically.

The rooms number and floor signs are designed and manufactured by Star Solutions
Hotel amenities of BB Sapa
Tea tray, coffee, sugar package of the hotel
The amenities of the BB Sapa Hotel

Besides the signboard system with many details: floor sign, room number sign,   menu sign, brand identity signboard, signposts, … Star Solutions also offers many other hotel equipment: hotel amenities, hotel fabrics items, room equipment, … Interested customers can contact via hotline 094 76 11111 for specific advice.