La Regina is a 5-star cruise ship that has been operating since September 2018. This is the first 5-star cruise on Lan Ha Bay, invested by Sen Royal.

La Regina Legend Cruise Cruise

La Regina is a 5 star  luxury cruise ship that has been operating since September 2018 and has received a lot of positive feedback from customers for nearly a month of operation.

Panoramic cruise La Regina Legend Cruise

With many convenient services and luxurious design, La regina is considered “Queen of bay” – Queen of Green Bay in Halong bay area, Lan Ha. This is the first 5-star cruise on Lan Ha Bay, invested by Sen Royal.

The interior funisture of the ship is very luxurious and fully equiped

As a 5 star cruise ship, La Regina has 27 fully equipped and luxurious guest rooms. Rooms are lined with wooden furniture, modern decor. In addition, each room is also equipped with full wifi, television, bathroom amenities.

La Regina’s 5-star bathroom

In addition, during the two-day or three-day in the cruise, guests can enjoy the following services: gym, spa, karaoke; Relaxing moments with jacuzzi, 360 degree swimming pool, spacious sunbathe, …

Jacuzzi with spectacular view

Beside watching the beautiful scenery on Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, enjoying the modern services, visitors also  tasting the delicious dishes on the ship from the professional chef. Furthermore, the La Regina Legend Cruise is also very close to the city’s shopping and entertainment centers. Guests can enjoy their stay here.

Family room with full facilities

La Regina project

As a newly launched cruise ship and was put into operation not long, all the furniture on the boat are newly and luxurious invested. Facilities and equipment are also invested in accordance with 5 star standard. Star Solutions has been trusted by the management of La Regina to be the first to offer all amenities and other room amenities items.

Luxurious amenities set by Star Solutions in harmony with bathroom space

Star Solutions supplies the amenities set for the La Regina with more than 10 details. Each detail is beautifully designed and of absolute quality, ensuring the safety for users. Moreover, the materials and designs of each product are in line with the style and class of the cruises ship.

5 star La Bella Spa in the boat

Besides amenities items, Star Solutions also offers a variety of room equipment and bathroom equipment. With years of experience and prestige in the hospitality industry, Star Solutions is committed to satisfying our customers by offering the best options.

Some of the Star Solutions products offered to La Regina include:

L 68 hotel comb
Razor CR 68 is made from high quality plastic, with stainless steel blade
Elegant BC 68 brown teethbrush with color and styling in combination with comb and razor
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