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Pros and cons of hotel amenities nylon packaging printed logo

Nylon packaging printed logo is the type of hotel amenities that are very popular with investors. This material has many advantages, disadvantages, suitable for each hotel

Plastic packaging in hotel logo has many advantages: protect amenities  ; compact, convenient;  improve the hotel services, … Therefore, this type of packaging is being used by many investors.

Nylon packaging printed logo help protect the product better

Nylon packaging printed hotel logo for amenities is a way to preserve the product  with the impact of weather, climate as well as transportation. Especially hotels in mountainous areas or areas with high humidity.

With hot and humid properties like in the mountainous areas, hotel amenities are often susceptible to wet, moldy.

Mountainous terrain and traffic are difficult to navigate, so in the process of moving, the distortion can cause aesthetic loss as well as the quality of the product.

Advantages of nylon packaging printed hotel logo

The question is how the hotel amenities to customers will be when coming to the customers? You probably guessed the answer right? First, is the loss of trust in the customer. Next, customers will underestimate your hotel, evaluate the quality of your service is not good, you lack attention, thoughtful as well as professional working style; The cost they spend is not worth the value they get. And finally you lose a potential customer as well as a different customer base.

What’s more disastrous is that they respond to their friends, travel agents who book tours, or bookmark prestigious booking sites such as booking, trivago, traveloka, etc. Do not let things affects the reputation as well as the quality of your hotel as well as the loss of potential customers. From now on, improve your hotel amenities from the packaging itself.

Nylon packaging logo help protect the product better

Nylon packaging is durable, compact, more convenient

The hotel amenities packaging is usually in compact size, lightweight thin with a slim style that exudes youthfulness, modernity and dynamism. With this style and size you will also be easier to store because they do not occupy too much of your area. They also help you and your customers easily see the core product inside.

The mouth of the pack is fitted with a heat-press technology so that it is highly durable and completely prevent the water from entering. This makes transportation easier, the hotel amenities no longer worry about the distortion as well as the problem of moisture, mold or mud due to the production of synthetic nylon .

The sides of the packaging are usually available with a small cut helping customers easily peel the product when using. It is extremely convenient, isn’t it?

Nylon packaging is durable, compact, more convenient

Nylon packaging printed logo helps to improve hotel services

Another advantage you can not ignore when using nylon packaging products for hotel amenities is that it is easy to pour any color to match the taste and style of the hotel on the package. This will make the hotel’s amenities more tone sur tone with space, hotel furniture.

When setting up amenities nylon packaging logo in the room, customers will feel the caring attention of the hotel, improve the value of hotel products as well as improve the hotel value. This is great, isn’t it?

Nylon packaging is very suitable for hotels in the mountains as well as places with high humidity with hot weather, rainy weather to help protect hotel amenities better as well as avoid weather risks and during transportation. However, the use of plastic packaging has a negative impact on the environment because the plastic can not decompose in the environment so it will not be suitable for hotels with environmental friendliness criteria.

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