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Providing high-class equipment for hotel and restaurants in Danang

Where to buy hotel, restaurant  equipment in Da Nang? Which unit offer the best consultation, supplement of hotel equipment in Da Nang. 

If you are the owner of an active or new development hotel, the choice of furniture or a consultant unit to setup the products is the thing that you need to find immediately. As a consultancy, providing high quality hotel and restaurant products in Da Nang, Star Solutions brings you the best solutions to improve the quality of service for your hotel.

With its location as a beautiful tourist destination near the sea, Danang is considered as the spearhead province in the development of resort tourism in Vietnam. Especially, the business and hotel restaurant development in Da Nang is developed with a series of restaurants, high-class hotels ranging from 3-5 star of many big brands.

The demand for vacation also high, mainly foreign tourists, so to meet that demand, hotel owners have to invest in upgrading to catch the trend as well as high quality service. If you are looking for a reputable unit to consult, as well as provide quality products for your hotel, meet the needs of customers and ensure the progress of the project and progress to long-term cooperation. Star Solutions is  a provider of high-end hotel and restaurant equipment in Da Nang .

Supplying hotel equipment, setup equipment for new hotels in Da Nang

Before finding a supplier for your hotel, hotel owners have the following questions:

  • What are the necessary amenities for the hotel?
  • How does the product fit into my hotel?
  • How to find a reputable hotel equipment supplier for long-term cooperation?
  • How many products should be ordered to avoid wasting and saving the most?

And many other questions that investors need to be answered before choosing where  can supply products for the hotels.

The list of necessary amenities for the hotel includes

  • Hotel amenities : Shampoo , shower gel , razor ,  toothbrush , comb , shower cap , soap , …
  • Hotel sanitary equipments : cleaning mops, cleaning cart, industrial cleaning machines, cleaning tools, cleaning chemicals, …
  • Room amenities include: beddeck, shower, bathtub, water heater, hair dryer , super speedometer, table lamp, night light, bathroom amenities, trash, Minibar, iron, clothes hook, room number plate , …
  • Furniture : bed sheets, hotel pillows , mats, towels , towels, foot rugs, curtains , …
  • Kitchen appliances: industrial kitchens, cutlery knives, food trolley, …
  • Hotel lobby equipment: equipment for reception area such as telephone, newspaper rack, umbrella rack, trash, ball pen , card visit, …

Choosing the right unit of hotel, restaurants equipment supply in Danang

You may feel a lot of things, it is easy to confuse and difficult to choose how to fit and appropriate for your hotel, avoid buying excess waste. But do not worry, let’s come to Star Solutions. We are a unit with many years of experience in consulting and providing high quality hotel and restaurant equipment in Da Nang, offering the most comprehensive and economical solution for your budget.

We are confident in consulting, supporting both active hotels and new hotels with full hotel facilities from A to Z, from the inside out in both color and design style to suit the style of the hotel. Quality products are guaranteed, imported from the big brands from abroad in the field of equipment in the hotel.

Star Solutions specializes in providing high-class hotel restaurant facilities in Da Nang

Star Solutions has provided many products for the major hotels in many cities across the country such as PAO’S HOTEL PROJECT SAPA HOTEL LEISURE,  PROJECT HOTEL red scarf ,  PROJECT Dai Nam hotel , ….

Coming to us, you can choose the right product samples with the support of experienced staff that  recommend the product that best for you. Also, you do not have to worry about price issues, we will provide you with the lowest priced products. We also provide you with many samples for you to compare and make the most optimal decision. In particular, we also have preferential policies for hotels to order products in large quantities and long-term cooperation.

If you still have questions about the selection of suppliers of hotel equipment, luxury restaurants in Danang, let’s contact Star Solutions immediately for advice.

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