Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp


Restaurant – kitchen equipment is an important part when setting up equipment for restaurants – hotels. These are the devices that make the kitchen run smoothly, ensuring the rich meals, hygiene for customers and staff in the hotel. In the star rating of the hotel, the more advanced the hotel, the food service standards are more strict. Therefore, it can be said that restaurant equipment – the main kitchen also plays a very important role in raising the level of the hotel.

Restaurant – kitchen equipment includes a lot of utensils, different details: dishes, stove, cooker, oven, …. Can be grouped into groups: tableware (bowls, plates, glasses, tea spoons, …); kitchen equipment (pots, pans, ovens, …); Other equipment (refrigerators, display cabinets, trolleys, shelves, …). Because of the large number of products, it is difficult to find a full address for these devices. The purchase from many different suppliers may lead to many inadequacies: wasting time, money, …

Understanding the difficulties and urgent needs of management and owners of restaurants, hotels, Star Solutions is the main supplier of hotel equipment, including restaurant – kitchen equipment in a full sufficient and most quality way. We have a professional team of designers, ready to create restaurant- kitchen sets , it is not only durable, beautiful but also uniform, consistent with the other and with the overall hotel style.

Especially, Star Solutions’ kitchenware offers a great variety of models and prices. From small hotels (1-3 stars) to medium-sized hotels (4-5 stars) can find full set of restaurant – kitchen equipment at Star Solutions. Great price incentives, warranty, … at Star Solutions always ensure the most practical benefits for each customer.