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The bakery equipment for the hotel restaurant is a part of restaurant equipment – hotel kitchen. Our products include: flour mixers, egg whiskers, oven, cake cutters, waffle makers, … and many other details to meet your hotel needs.

At Star Solutions, the bakery products are made from high quality stainless steel, stainless and easy to clean, it’s save time for hotel staff. In addition, these are high-end products imported from abroad, so they are high quality, durable and convenient.

To ensure the most practical benefits for our customers, Star Solutions has a long-term warranty for every device, especially high-tech, complex assemblies. At the same time, the technical staff of Star Solutions is ready to install and advise how to maintain and clean each product, ensuring smooth operation.

Star Solutions provides bakery equipment for hotels with a great variety of models, origin, capacity as well as utility. Any 1-3 star hotel or 4-5 star hotel can choose the necessary products. Besides, we also provide many other hotel products, in which, there are many products related to bakery equipment: display cabinets, coolers, … serve all the needs of the hotel.

Star Solutions is confident to be the leading hotel and resort equipment provider in Vietnam. Contact us via hotline or visit website for detailed product information and specific advice.