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Dishwasher is an indispensable equipment in many hotels, especially 4-5 star hotels. Automatic industrial dishwashers in the hotel help save labor and make the hotel kitchen become professional, more modern and class. The system of conveyor dishwashers helps to ensure the seamlessness of catering services at hotel restaurants, especially when the restaurant is crowded or lack of workers.

Nowadays, as technology becomes more modern, there are many types of dishwashers are save electricity, water and time. Therefore, industrial dishwashers, automatic dishwashers are gradually replacing workers in hotels. However, The procedures to install dishwashers, maintenance is quite complex. It is very important to find a dishwasher supplier for your hotel.

At Star Solutions, besides providing hotel equipment: amenities, interior fabric, room supplies, … we also provide and install the system of dishwasher for the hotel with varied in model and capacity. Attached services: delivery and installation services; Consultation, manual, maintenance, long-term warranty.

For more information, please call 094 76 11111 for specific advice. Star Solutions is committed to providing quality dishwasher products at the most competitive prices to our customers.