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Gas shortage – Gas system is the appliance used in most restaurant kitchens by the convenience and economy. However, it is easily combustible, in each hotel restaurant, gas storage – gas system has very high requirements for safety. Finding the address to provide, installing gas storage – prestigious gas system for hotels is very important.

Gas shortage – gas system of a hotel restaurant is not as simple as the gas system at home. They should be designed in a separate area to ensure a dry and spacious area. In addition, the equipment of the hotel gas system: pressure valves, pipes, sirens, clocks, self-shut off devices … must be fully equipped. The maintaining, and replacing equipment must be carried out regularly to ensure the safety of all gas storage and hotel gas systems.

With each hotel, especially new hotels, the furnishing of furniture consumes a lot of time: from amenities, kitchen equipment to interior fabrics… However, when coming With Star Solutions, hotel owners can be completely assured of this. Star Solutions is a provider of hotel supplies with a full range of equipment, including gas system and gas storage.

Star Solutions offers design, supply and installation of gas storages – gas system for all hotel restaurants from low to high. With a team of skilled technicians and many advanced equipment imported from abroad, we guarantee to bring customers a safe, convenient and economical gas hotel system. Gas system maintenance services are also fully available.
Star Solutions is confident of being a trusted unit, providing all amenities and equipment for hotels in Vietnam.