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Star Solutions offers hotel wine shelves, wine showcases for restaurants and hotels. The hotel’s wine cabinet products are varied in sizes and suit the size of the room as well as the needs of the hotel. The materials used in the production of wine cabinets include natural wood, high-grade and rare wood with the colors required by customers.
Wine shelves or wine display cabin is one of the familiar furniture in the hotel. Wine cabinets are important, just used to store bottles of wine, avoid them to break, fall, as well as play as a decorative furniture to help the hotel more luxurious. The hotel’s wine shelves will not only help you feel the professionalism of the service, but will also help to enhance the hotel’s level of service. Wine cabinets are the must-have items in the 4-5 stars hotel.
In the market today, there are many different types of wine cabinets that make investors hesitate in choosing the right style for their hotel. As the leading hotel supply chain provider in Vietnam, Star Solutions has full range of wine cabinets for hotels, restaurants with a variety of materials and styles: from small display cabinets to various types to the shelves have 3-4 large doors, from simple modern style to luxurious, …
In addition, we have a team of professional designers and consultants, ready to design the cabinet style that best suits the style and layout of the hotel. The material is mainly high quality natural wood, is meticulously molded, ensuring no warping, termites. The other details: metal frame, glass, … are all high quality, anti-static electrostactic painting.
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