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Industrial cooling equipment for hotel are very important and indispensable accessories in the restaurant equipment – hotel kitchen. These devices play a role in keeping food fresh and ensuring that some dishes are always in the best condition. Cakes, salads, ice or some indispensable wine are also available.

Industrial cooling equipment in the hotel restaurant include a lot of different products. Industrial refrigerators, industrial freezers, coolers, semi-freezers, display cabinets, salads, ice cabinets … Depending on the size and needs of each customer to choose the cabinet type and size of each type. Especially, mini-refrigerators are an indispensable equipment in every hotel room, especially with high-class hotels.

Star Solutions – the leading provider of hotel equipment and supplies in Vietnam, not only offers a wide range of compact, lightweight items: clothing, clothes, leather sets, … but also other Equipment such as: laundry equipment, sanitary ware and hotel refrigerators. Types of refrigerators and coolers supplied by Star Solutions are varied in style, size and are all well-known brands imported from abroad.

When ordering industrial refrigerators for hotels at Star Solutions, customers are not only able to buy quality products in the same specialized units but also can buy a lot of hotel supplies, saving a lot of time and effort. We are committed to providing quality products at the most competitive prices.