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Dry cleaning is an indispensable part of every hotel, especially large hotels. Laundry – ironing – not only serve the needs of the hotel: laundry furniture: blankets, gas, towels, carpet, … and staff uniforms, but also meet the individual needs of many guests. stay in. Hotel Laundry System is not only one of the criteria to rank hotels but also one of the services that bring a lot of income for investors.

With respect to both hotel properties (furniture and furniture) and the quality of service, the choice of hotel laundry facilities is extremely important. Moreover, a line of washing machines, dryers, industrial dryers are not cheap, if ordered to the poor quality products will be huge losses for the hotel.

On the market, there are many places to provide laundry equipment, industrial laundry lines for hotels. However, when shopping at Star Solutions, customers will be consulted leading experts in the field of hotel equipment to find the best hotel laundry equipment. When choosing a washing machine, not just the manufacturer, the machine capacity but also the size of the hotel. The design of laundry – drying – ironing so that science is also a concern.

Moreover, when ordering laundry equipment at Star Solutions, customers are also advised on how to separate laundry for each type of furnishing at the same time, advice on many other hotel products. . Star Solutions is a provider of comprehensive hotel equipment ranging from amenities, cloth to room furnishings and equipment. We are confident to bring our customers the best products.